Hold Still Fellas! It's Target Practice Time. And No, I don't mean your desire to potentially *target a certain retail giant.

*Not this sort of Target practice. Blah :-(

This lady sums up my mood quite nicely. Bwahahahahahahaha

I'm really fucking excited.

Pardon my language but I just made my first Remington rifle purchase.

I'm feeling incredibly bad ass.

I want to go rescue a hound dog!

I want to shoot that damn bird that insists on chirping 4 o'clock in the morning. Yeah bird...I got a 12 gauge with you in mind 0_o

I want to....go to wal mart and stock up on obnoxious camo's.

All jokes aside, I really just want a buddy that can teach me how to shoot this sonnabitch without injuring myself.

NRA here I cuuuuuuum!

If you see someone perpetually tan, smoking hot, toting a rifle at the gun range this weekend wink at me and honk your nose twice.

That would make me pass out in laughter!

Happy Saturday♥


Guess the model.
Email me your replies. That would make my afternoon :-)

I'm now enthusiastically accepting new clients. Reservation form is officially re-opened.

Hey there ladies and gents.

(Because let's face it, chick's dig me, lol)

I've received several messages.

Where are ya?

Why aren't you blogging?

Are you still in the industry?

Why the hell can't I inquire about a reservation damn it!?!?

My reservation form is officially re-opened.
*cue instrumentals* 

Perhaps I should clear a few things up before making your acquaintance.

I chose blogging as my website platform of choice because companionship is an uber fulfilling hobby of mine.

I could have simply slapped together a website, and plastered the same.boring.stale material that is industry standard. Voila'. A companion is born!?!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Snooze fest. Your dream ebony blow up doll is not available for order over here sir! Lol ( I mean...while I am quite a doll in person, I'm not...what's the word...uninspired. I'm quite animated!)

I am afforded the luxury of exclusivity and selective screening because I am the proud owner of one dog, one sketchy ass cat, and a rewarding career.

Whoa, whoa...wait a minute Yas, you are only a part time heaux?!?!?!

Indeed. Indeed, I am!

I have an incredibly rewarding career that I devote myself to full time. I'm also a recovering catholic. Good girl turned great. And this avenue has served me various ways in my life. Including but not limited to exploring different flavors. Really unleashing my wild side. Within reason folks, my safety and yours is imperative. And of course, having a ducking BLAST before arthritis rears it's ugly head.

I remember over hearing my mother and her gals exclaiming how youth is wasted on the young. Eh'....I sort of took that notion and rocked out with it baby. Hahahahahahaha

I digress.

I chose this platform because companionship will ALWAYS be near and dear to my heart.

When I retire I promise you I will make a huge dramatic glittery proclamation.

In the meantime, if my blog is still here, Yasmin is still here.

Perhaps hosting UTR.

That means under the radar.


Honestly I've cultivated such a tight knit group of friends that I've become a bit selfish perhaps? I can't fathom attempting to "juggle" career and hobby. The minute my guys needs weren't being met and my performance at work suffered I scaled back. Deciding not to stretch myself to thin. I am very low volume. Very. Decidedly. Therefore, not only should YOU choose wisely. As do I. Which ultimately means a more fulfilling young lady for you. Because my time with you is met with genuine anticipation and fervor.

9 times out of 10 I need to decompress from work myself. Hahahaha. That works out VERY well for you. *giggles*

I'm extending an open invitation to explore my website and if you feel we're a match, make a reservation♥

Lustfully Yours,


Hot New Pic Guys!

Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!     The Erotic Review

This hot pic was not as terribly difficult to take as it may seem. It required a trenchcoat, a steady hand, and a willing partner.

One of my really great friends took this pic for me before we ran through the elevator doors in a fit of laughter. Hahahaha ;-) *thank you S

Enjoy Gents!

Affectionately Yours,


Normalcy, Banana's, and Freaks.

Hello there lover,

I'm afraid it's time for a change around these parts. For starters, I have selfishly squatted on my own domain name without putting it to good use for quite some time. Granted, I have been incredibly busy juggling a couple of summer classes, work ( hissssss) and my labor of love, you!

I am beyond grateful to the gracious, kind, *normal especially talented guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. I'm not blowing smoke up ya ass! I can honestly say, without the least bit of pause that I am having the time of my life!

I believe that is one of THE underlying traits that every superb companion has. She absolutely enjoys what she is doing. There are quite a few personality traits that I imagine you have to sift through before finding "The One".

The Pillow Princess

The Bitter

The Downtrodden

That leaves us with the precious few that actively sought this adventure out. I know, inquiring minds want to know why did I seek this out. It's a long story. Let's just say my curiosity with the "taboo" piqued my interest at the tender age of ten.

I come from a wonderful, loving, and supportive home. My household was chock full of laughter, love, and humor. So when I approached my folks with the idea of covering Josephine Baker as the topic for a written class assignment, no one blinked an eye. Lol

Matter of fact, I can recall my father whistling in a low "she was a bad.....boy shut your mouth" kind of way as my mother smirked.

I remember my mother's enthusiasm for my open mindedness. She practically yanked me by the arm and drug me to the library. I don't know who was more excited. Her or me!

My siblings were reserved, predictably good kids. I was the one that dared to be different. Subsequently, my views for the taboo, the under dog, the unpolitically correct were cherished.

My mother was the sternest flower child ever. She would demand all of her children to have respect for every single living creature, plant, ant, or discarded cigarette butt that we happened upon.

The moment I decided to channel Josephine Baker was a defining moment in my life. I read accounts of her courage, strength, vulnerability. I saw a pioneer. Albeit, scantily clad.

Ever since then I have acquired quite the taste for bananas and freedom of expression.

As an adult I decided to let my freak flag fly! I refuse to quell my desire for intimacy, passion, and friendship. More importantly, I will not apologize for who I am.

The next time you encounter a woman in this profession that appears to be lonely, angry, frustrated, tense, or suspicious realize this. Perhaps she wasn't encouraged to explore the very innate nature of the human experience. Hand her a banana and a link to my blog.

Once we are rid of the guilt and expectations of society at large can we begin to fulfill our desires, resulting in euphoric child like happiness. If you are viewing this and feel completely devoid of happiness and pleasure, I openly extend my hand to you. Either my exuberance will be contagious, or I will annoy you silly! *shrug* Lol

Join me in this journey of self discovery. You are never too young nor old to begin a new chapter.

* Normal! What's "normal"!!! Isn't using the word normal a form of hypocrisy! You just stated at length why you aren't normal!! Yasmin what GIVES!

Elementary my dear Watson. I used the phrase normal to sum up routine, predictable....safe. Allow me to briefly expound on the thought.

Normalcy in this industry is my barometer to gauge behavior. Nothing more, nothing less.
I am open minded to fetishes and fantasies. I have developed a few along the way. Lol
Normalcy is what I have to offer to an extent. I am not dangerous, foolhardy, loud, crass, or vulgar. I am not a "whore". I am not a blow up doll. I am me. With a particularly interesting twist!

I will wrap up this entry, walk my dog, grab a few groceries from Safeway. You will probably walk pass me! Hahahaha.

This is what I meant by "normal".

Yours Truly,


Goodnight El Paso

Yes, you read that correctly....I'm in El Paso guys!

The weather lends itself to adventures behind closed doors very well.
I embark on my journey back to DC Sunday afternoon, and I'm pretty sad about it. I have been treated with the utmost hospitality since arriving and I kind of dread heading back to the impersonal rat race.

Nevertheless, before retiring to bed I decided to play around in my outfit of choice for tomorrow. Seeing as how tomorrow is "technically" my last day to play I figured what better way to express my hunger for more then donning classic red & black. I am in the mood for a sensual, exciting, dominating boudoir esque encounter.

If you have any ideas on how I can bring my fantasy to fruition shoot me a line!



First, you need to understand that companionship is as important to the soul as it is to the body!

Time to shout out two extremely interesting new friends I made this month!

*shameless brag post...sue me. I feel all giddy inside. Please don't kill my vibe lol*

One gentleman suggested a few AWESOME reads! I treat information that is meant to help me learn and grow as an individual, as GEMS! I want to send a very discreet and special thank you! And I totally checked out the Jazz spot...and you are NOT even from here *such a show off*! I can't wait to pop the bottle of wine you gifted me because if your palate is half as decent as your mind...I am in for a helluva treat! Yum. You ROCK! New wine to try, stellar reading suggestions and one steamy encounter...*fans herself* I am oh so thankful my dear :-)

Another dear friend bought me flowers, a teddy bear...and get this....COOKIES!! OMG! Please allow me this moment to freak out and cheer in sheer glee. If you don't know exactly *why* I am freaking out, let's just say I am not just a cookie monster. He took the time to read BOTH of my websites to learn more about me, and stumbled upon the golden secret to become an all time fav.

Damn it! Now I'm going to have to change the clues around. I refer to this exercise as my "AWWW SHIT TITS" attention span test. I figure if you really took the time to get to know me,

see; sift through pages of babble

you deserve a very special place in my heart, and more importantly roster. Exclusive VIP attention is given to those who return the favor. Lol

This is NOT about gifts, it's just so very heartwarming to encounter gentlemen that TRULY understand what I am about. The experience. I am faaaaaaaaar from JUST mushy and sweet. Honey, I put in WORK! Hahahaha

Nonetheless, I don't quite understand why PSE can't meet GFE. I try to merge both worlds because that is who I am. A witty, intelligent, naughty, sexy companion. Companionship isn't solely meant for the body, step outta the box and warm your soul while you're at it!

I'm sweepy guys. Till next time. Stay warm, and if you need a lil help you know how to reach me!



I reserve the right to publish a blog post laden with typos when the time is anything beyond 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time hahahahahha

I'm such a perfectionist, not having the time nor energy to edit deters me from posting......welp...I'm officially cutting that BS right now!

Nite Nite